Diagnostic Test - taking this MC test can give you a better idea of what you need to beef up on. You can print it and circle the answers, or just write them on a sheet of paper. Then, you can correct it yourself. The Key also has explanations of the answers.

Practice Tests - Multiple Choice (try to complete the test in 55 minutes, and see me for it to be graded):

Outline of the Textbook:

Individual Topical reviews:
These are summaries of the various time periods of American History; with each, there is a PDF that is 10 questions about the period for you to try to answer after reading the review, and there is a PDF of those 10 questions and their answers.

It is recommended that you read the review of the period, try to answer the 10 questions correctly, and ONLY then open and look at the answers to see if you got them right. Do not print these resources at school.

American Revolution:

Constitution and National Beginnings:

Growth of a Powerful Nation:

Civil War and Reconstruction:

Industrial Era:

Foreign Affairs 1860-1914:


Post Cold War America: 1980 - 2002:

More general Resources:
http://bit.ly/apreview1 - this is a list of the topics most commonly covered in the Multiple Choice section, with advice on what aspects of the topic to know about.
http://bit.ly/apreview2 - this is an overview of American History, from early settlement to the War of 1812 in 25 pages.
http://bit.ly/apreview3 - this is a continuation of the previous overview, covering 1816 to the era of Imperialism in 29 pages.
http://bit.ly/apreview4 - finally, this continuation covers Imperialism to Vietnam in American history in 23 pages.

This file is a lengthy list of terms from each era and their significance or importance: