Calvin Ludwig:
American diversity: I think a huge part of modern American diversity is the election of a black president. I think a piece of this in colonial times is how slaves were trying to gain freedom and unite.
Economic transformations: current economic transformations are that our economy is slipping into another recession. The new exportation and importation of crops from the new and old worlds.

Andrew Minks-Winberg
I believe that religion plays a significant role in American history. The main settlers in the new world were, in fact, wanting religous freedom. Nowadays, most people in America associate themselves with some form of the Christian religion. Since the devastating event of 9/11, hatred and prejudism towards the Islamic religion has become more prominent in our nation. To this day, these negative beliefs toward Islamic people continue to grow as the war in the Middle East goes on.
From the very beginning of America, war and diplomacy has been in the blood of the people who set out to make a new life for themselves. The USA was started by winning the Revolutionary War agaist Great Britan to earn our freedom and independence. Today the American people still desire to fight the man! From individual wars to the Iraqi war, fighting for what's right has always been a part of the American spirit.

Garrett Parker
Culture Plays a important role in America because culture defines why we are unique, and also because our wars oversea's are faught partially due to Culture. Our culture and the Islamic culture differ so greatly that we cant come to a compromise with them, and end the fighting. This is also true in the Colonies because the settlers from spain, and England faught the natives because of how their cultures differed.
The Enviroment also plays a huge role in America today. Recently around the world people have been trying to reduce the amount of green house gases being emmited and it is changing our way of life. People are trying to move away from fossil fuels and into renewable energy. This is true in colonies to because the enviroment of the new world provided them with tabaco and sugar, and introduced them to a new way of life.

Dillon Appelmann
Politics and Citezenship play a huge role in America, politics shape many if not all decisions made by America today. For example, abortion is a topic that has been debated in politics ever since i can remember, some people think it should be illegal, others think it is completely ok. No matter what decision is made one group will be angery about the outcome. politics were also a factor in the colonies, because Britain to pay for the french and indian wars they turned to the coloinies for money. One thing the Brithish did was require the colonies to buy heavily taxed goods like sugar.
Reform is another big part of America we have always made huge changes, some good like the aboloshment of slavery, and some not so good like the more recent health care reforms. Reform played a part in the colonies as well, when men from the west indies brought the Barbados slave code with them to America.

Corey Clerkin
Reform has had a huge role and still does in American history. The health care and the immigration are two reforms that have happened recently. Not everyone agrees with them or likes them but they have had a huge impact on America in the few years. I agree with Dillon on the Barbados slave code as a reform because it changed the colonies. Economic Transformations have also impacted America. All the issues with the stock market have changed the economy and made things difficult. It has also nade other things better for some people like real estate and other things. Economic transformation effected the colonies by the trade routes they established and the unions they made and the forming of their governments and the technologies and inventions they were coming up with.

American diversity: a modern piece of is having a female and a African American run for president and vice president. In colonial time Africans we slaves and had really no rights and females didn't have as many rights as the while male and were usually doing the cooking or cleaning around the house.
Environment: people are cutting down rainforests and we need those for the animals to keep the cycle of life going and also with more and more pollution this causes global warming and potentially the melting of the glaciers. In the colonial times factories didn't really care about the environment so they polluted the air and dumped their waste into the water and people didn't care until it affected them

Nick Strahan
Culture: In today's modern society, more and more foreign cultures are making there mark in America. Whether that be with food, language, music, movies, etc. And it is more widely accepted than ever before. Also, American culture is being seen in many other countries today. I feel in colonial times America's culture was still developing so influence wasn't as dominate as it is today. But with so many new events happening in our history it molded what America is today and gave it a foundation.
Globalization: I feel a good example of this today is belive it or not, McDonalds. An American icon, can be found in almost any country of the world with those famous arches. America has influenced democracy throu globalization as well. A foounding principle for our country. Even in colonial America globalization was a focus for America. We tried to establish trade and America was actually discovered with globalization in mind. I think it will always be a big part of America as long as theres other countries.

Traye Koch:

Politics and citizenship
Early ex: In the beginning of the USA the growth of democracy was a almost unheard of concept rarely seen since the time of classical Greece, millennia earlier.
This thought changed the course of history, the thought that a nation can be ruled by its people not one king chosen by blood.

Modern example: one of the biggest issue modern US politics is the question of government control. Usually on the democratic side they push for more government control with higher taxes but more social services The Republicans push for less government control lower tax that would provide more money for the individual citizen to purchase the same services. But not all people have the money without government support.. Also there is the matter of these two parties being the only major political parties. This is an example of how our government operates and how you make changes in it

American Diversity
Early ex: The Decoration of Independence promised freedom for all of it citizen but it wasn’t until the late 1960s that all people in the USA were given rights. White males held most of the power for a long time.

Modern Example: The issue of what immigrants we let in is a huge debate. Also for the illegal immigrants in the country there is a huge issue on which immigrants in. This determines who makes up the country

Vincent Grine:

American Diversity: I think that this is one of the most important because it makes America who we are. People from all different countries come here for a new beginning and for their freedom. However this is now beginning to be a problem because immmigrants are now coming illegally.

Early example: This is exactly what happened when Columbus arrived at the continent. All of these people that he brought along with him were seeking a new beginning and to start off fresh, when the Indians were originally already on the continent.

Religion: I think that religion and how we have freedom of religion in America is definetly on of the most important because this is part of what makes America so diverse. Freedom of religion is kind of what makes America what it is today. People come from different countries to America so that they can practice whatever religious beliefs they want.

Early example: In the early colonies, there were several different types of religions because of the colonist and the Native Americans both sharing the land. In the days of the colonists we fought for our freedom.

Erin Briggs:
American Diversity: I think an exmaple of this is the nominations of black judges for supreme court. An early example of this is slaves being freed before the end of slavery and coexisting with the white society.
Slavery and its Legacies in North America: An example of this today is the election of the first black president. An early example of this is the lynching that occured in America even into the twentienth century. We were able to move on from that and elect Obama.