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Course Description and Expectations:
Start Reviewing for the final, happening THIS WEEK (12/14-12/18), here!
Monday, December 14Today, we:
  • Talked about about our budget priorities and some of the impacts those priorities might have
  • Learned about the basics of the real 2016 budget:
2016-budget-chart-total-spending2.png 2016-budget-chart-mandatory-spending.png

  • Started working on looking at an awesome Prezi Ms. Barrett is really proud of herself for making about the discretionary budget, and answering some questions about it:

Friday, December 11Today, we:

Stock Portfolio Project (click the links):
Link to our Game (click "log in" at the top, which is in tiny letters up in the top left corner)
Video explaining how to find several of the things you'll need in your account for your project (how to print reports, etc)
Website many students use to make their graphs for Section Three

Business Plan Project (click the links):
Other Entrepreneurs for Part One
Springwise Website for Part Two or your can use their Twitter feed (@Springwise) to look at ideas
Census Website to get data for #4 of Part Three (type in the location of your business in the search box - i.e., Berthoud)

"Economics of ..."Project (click the links):
Kami Website that you'll be using to annotate your articles
YouTube Video Explaining how Kami (the tool you have to use) works

Wednesday, December 9 and Thursday, December 10 (BLOCK DAY)
Today, we:
  • completed the Oral Exam...whew!

Tuesday, December 8Today, we:
  • Discussed how the Oral exam will work
  • Completed the reading about the FED (see the posting for 12/7)

Monday, December 7Today, we:
  • Took the district Economics assessment
  • Received a reading about the Federal Reserve (try to answer the first few questions found in the margins at least, a bit more time to work on Tuesday)

Friday, December 4Today, we:

Wednesday, December 2 and Thursday, December 3 (BLOCK DAY)

Tuesday, December 1Today, we:
  • Practiced "seeing" the different parts of the GDP using the Simpsons Intro
  • Completed the textbook round-up we began yesterday

Monday, November 30Today, we:
  • Took notes on the GDP (get blank from bin and see me or a friend if you were absent)
  • Worked on gathering information from Chapters 10 and 11 in the textbook (have the front done by Tuesday, all done by Wednesday):

Friday, November 20Today, we:
  • Received and reviewed the Macro Oral Exam Questions
  • Took notes on the various ways to set up a business (use for question 3 in your business plan) - see me or a friend to get the notes
  • Received some material to complete for Monday November 30, about mergers:

Wednesday, November 18 and Thursday, November 19 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • Viewed the documentary Mr. Miami Beach using a reflection guide (if you are absent and doing the business plan, you MUST arrange a time to view this outside of class on your own)
  • Worked on managing our stock portfolios and completing our PFL assignment, DUE FRIDAY

Tuesday, November 17Today, we:
  • Discussed the project options at length - see me if you were absent
  • 2nd and 7th began reading this: (view online and read the first part if you see this before the next class)

Monday, November 16Today, we:
  • Received the project options (Due December 11 or 14 depending on class vote):
  • Worked more on trading stocks in our online portfolios (access the site here, then click "log in" at the top, which is in tiny letters up in the top left corner)
  • Financial Literacy Portfolios (notes and quiz certificates) DUE Friday November 21 - see video under 11/4 posting for instructions

Wednesday, November 11 and Thursday, November 12Today, we:
  • Got started in our stock market game (if you were absent, please try to register and join the game over the long weekend):
  • Received the first set of oral exam questions and discussed some ways to prepare for the exam (talk to me or a friend after reviewing the questions):
  • Filled out forms for yearbook concerning Senior Superlatives (see me if you were absent)

Tuesday, November 10Today, we:

Monday, November 9Today, we:
  • Worked on our Money 101 notes and mastery quizzes, DUE 11/20

Friday, November 6Today, we:
  • Took notes on saving
  • Worked on our PFL topics on the CIC money 101 website (see 11/4 and 11/5 post for details and instructions)

Wednesday, November 4 and Thursday, November 5 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • Continued work on our PFL "initial thoughts assignment" (see previous post) - DUE Monday, 11/9
  • Began working on the online aspect of our PFL portfolios, which you can sign into HERE (Directions for signing in/getting registered, etc: )
    • remember, portfolios will include a 1/2 sheet of notes on each of the nine required topics along with two reflections sentences, and a mastery certificate for 5 of the topics (choose the ones that are the greatest priority to you) - this portfolio is DUE November 20th.
    • Here's a video about how this all works (headphones would be good here):

Tuesday, November 3Today, we:
  • Discussed some long-term due dates (Oral Exam is on 12/9 and 12/10 - you'll get first set of questions 11/11 &11/12, projects due either 12/11 or 12/14 depending on class vote - you'll get options 11/16)
  • Began working on Personal Financial Literacy by thinking about "what we already know:" (we'll work on this a bit on the block day as well, it is DUE 11/9, you need a piece of 11x17 paper for it, fold it into 8 "squares")

Monday, November 2Today, we:
  • Completed the second part of the midterm - see me ASAP for makeup if you were absent
You can start reviewing midterm vocab Quizlet sets here,
or play a game that reviews elasticity determinants here! This Jeopardy Game review is PRETTY DARN HELPFUL too! The midterm will happen in two parts, on Friday October 30 and Monday November 2.
Friday, October 29Today, we:
  • Completed the first half of the midterm - see me for makeup if you haven't already, and study for the second half that is happening Monday, 11/2

Wednesday, October 28 and Thursday, October 29Today, we:
  • Defined Monopoly, Oligopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Perfect Competition, and Collusion (look up in glossary of textbook and define on paper if you were absent)
  • Took some notes on the above mentioned market structures (see me or a friend for makeup)
  • Began working on our midterm papers, DUE MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2
  • Missed the discussion of how to write the paper, or forgot? Watch this:

Tuesday, October 27Today, we:
  • Worked on completing 10 of the shifter practice problems (check your thinking with this key and talk to me about any you're not sure about):
  • Reviewed the expectations for the short midterm paper (BE SURE TO HAVE A PHYSICAL CHILDREN'S BOOK ON OUR WORK DAY, 10/28 OR 10/29):
  • Completed a brief experiment to establish the basics of Market Structure (we'll continue our discussion next time)

Monday, October 26Today, we:
  • Reviewed the supply and demand shifters with a little bingo game
  • took the 5th quiz/turned in the 5th assignment
  • Began work on "drawing" out how supply and demand curves shift based on different events (we'll continue Tuesday, you can get the sheet then if you were absent)

Wednesday, October 21 and Thursday, October 22 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • Completed our partner work about Supply and Demand shifters
  • Played a little game to review the shifters
  • Received the midterm paper assignment (DUE MONDAY, 11/2 - WORK TIME 10/28 or 10/29 DEPENDING ON YOUR CLASS PERIOD)
  • Remember, 5th article assignment/quiz is DUE on Monday (see previous post)

Tuesday, October 20Today, we:
  • Continued working on the supply and demand shifters, paused after the 5 demand shifters to practice the ideas once more (see me if you were absent)
  • Received the 5th article/quiz assignment, DUE MONDAY, OCTOBER 26! - Quiz is over chapter 5 (price system notes and market in wheat sheet with Ch 5 Sec 5 questions in your notebook) and the white supply and demand shifter notes in the packet we're working on.

Monday, October 19Today, we:
  • Briefly reviewed some of the ideas connected to section 3 of chapter 5 (see previous post for book questions)
  • Began working with our Sharky Electroreception partners practicing the ideas around how supply and demand curves can shift (if you were absent, get an assignment from the bin and see me or your partner for the fill-in notes at the start of the activity). This is NOT homework - we'll continue tomorrow.

Friday, October 16 (NO SCHOOL)
Wednesday, October 14 and Thursday, October 15 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • completed our price system presentations and notes (see me if you were absent)
  • Practiced "speaking" the language of prices concerning bushels of wheat (if you were absent, complete this sheet and define market equilibrium/market clearing price, surplus, and shortage on the sheet - the terms can be found in the book glossary or section 2 of Chapter 5)
  • Read section 5 of chapter 3 to establish how the government sometimes intercedes in market activity to affect market equilibrium (complete for Monday if you didn't finish)

Tuesday, October 13Today, we:
  • Took notes on the various presentations regarding the features of the price system (see me if you were absent)

Monday, October 12Today, we:
  • Created our posters about the price system for presentation (see me if you were absent)

Friday, October 9Today, we:
  • Turned in the 4th assignment/took the 4th quiz
  • Discussed the layout of our posters about the price system and got in groups to plan a design

Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • worked on our padlets (DUE tonight by 11:30 pm, directions can be found in post for 10/5: email to carin.barrett@thompsonschools.org)
  • Completed the practice packet for the math associated with Elasticy of Demand (this IS on the quiz tomorrow; use the key to check your answers/clarify questions):
  • Began working on gathering information about the Price system from the book (see me if you were absent)
  • ASSIGNMENT/QUIZ 4 DUE FRIDAY 10/9 (tomorrow!)

Tuesday, October 6Today, we:
  • Reviewed the ways that Economists mathematically measure elasticity of demand: (if you were absent, please print)
  • Began practicing the elasticity equations (we'll finish on the block day, get from bin if you were absent)
  • Received the 4th article/quiz assignment, DUE FRIDAY OCTOBER 9 (quiz is over Section 1 of Chapter 3, Section 1 of chapter 4, the purple elasticity notes taken Friday 10/2, and the elasticity math):

Monday, October 5Today, we:

Friday, October 2Today, we:
  • Took notes on the Elasticity of supply and demand (part of 2nd and all of 6 and 7; if you were absent, I forwarded a copy of the notes to your school gmail)
  • We will work on completing our Padlet assignments during class on Monday (Due Thursday night by 11:30 pm)

Wednesday, September 30 and Thursday, October 1Today, we:
  • Completed some questions about Chapter 4, Section One on the back of our "will you supply your labor?" sheet (green):
  • Got together with a partner and discussed the demand for and supply of Greebes (if you were absent, complete both sheets and answer the questions):
  • 6th and 7th period ONLY (if you're in 2nd, we'll talk on Monday): Reviewed the concepts of Diminishing Marginal Utility and Diminishing Marginal Returns (get a gold sheet from the bin in your classroom and read the definitions of each; ask a classmate about how we talked about them if you are confused)
  • 2nd period ONLY (6 and 7, you'll do on Friday): Began working on some notes about the elasticity of supply and demand (get from a friend if absent)
  • Began working on an assignment at the laptops to pull all of these Supply and Demand basics together (we'll work on this Friday and Monday also, get from substitute if you were absent)

Tuesday, September 29Today, we:
  • Answered some questions about the nature of demand with our apps in mind (if you were absent, answer these questions on your App sheet or own paper):
  • Discussed and graphed our willingness to tutor other students in a college economics class since they didn't have such an awesome teacher (if you were absent, get from bin upon return and ask a friend for their data, so that you have an idea of what we did)

Monday, September 28Today, we:
  • Presented our App ideas
  • used the "market data" from our class to generate Demand Schedules and Curves for the apps

Friday, September 25Today, we:
  • Took the 3rd quiz/turned in the 3rd assignment
  • continued work with our sharky partners on our app ideas

Wednesday, September 23 and Thursday, September 24 (BLOCK DAY) - Remember, Assignment/Quiz 3 DUE TOMORROW SEPTEMBER 25!Today, we:
  • Completed a sheet detailing the circular flow model and its connection to the government (ask a friend or me about what we wrote):
  • Began working with Sharky Tasty Partners on our Entrepreneurial mindset after learning this (see me for makeup):

Sharks Internet Cables.jpg

Tuesday, September 22Today, we:
  • Finished discussing the realities of our mystery nations
  • connected some of those ideas to recognized factors of long term economic growth (we took notes on these):
  • Read section 2 of chapter 2: list and briefly explain the 5 features of the US economy, then write a connection that is specific to your or your family's recent activity for each (i.e., how have you recently experienced/been affected by the right to own private property and enter into contracts?)
  • Received the 3rd article/quiz assignment, DUE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 (quiz is over all of chapter 2 and the basics of chapter 16):

Monday, September 21Today, we:
  • presented our ideas about our mystery nations and began reviewing a bit about the actual nations the slips detailed (if you were absent, review the answers and think about reasons why that nation's GDP per capita might be what it is):

Friday, September 18 (HOMECOMING FRIDAY!!!!)Today, we:
  • Completed our work on theoretical and real-world economic systems
  • Looked at a terrifying image regarding the practice of finning, which undoubtedly makes sharks feel very sad
  • Worked with our sharky feely partners on making some guesses about a mystery nation (see me if you were absent)

Wednesday, September 16 and Thursday, September 17 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • Completed the sheet detailing different economic systems (if you were absent, complete before Monday):
  • Created visual representations of the systems to evaluate how they function (see me for makeup)

Tuesday, September 15
  • completed our State of the Union assignment
  • began working on an organizer detailing the different ways economic systems can be set up (if you were absent, be sure to pick up one on Wednesday or Thursday; it was not homework).

Monday, September 14Today, we:
  • Continued to work on our assignment connected to the 2015 State of the Union

Friday, September 11Today, we:
  • Reviewed the Social Goals of Economies (on gold paper if you got it in class, or you can print it from the previous post, please complete if you were absent)
  • Began working on an assignment about these types of goals as they relate to/are present in the 2015 State of the Union Address (if you were absent, we'll catch you up on Monday)

Wednesday, September 9 and Thursday, September 10 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • Discussed our opinions on a variety of topics related to how Americans live using our likely life-long sharky partners (if you were absent, no need to fear! You Have partners! Just check the bin in your classroom for your sheet!)
  • Received a sheet we will start with on Friday about the Social Goals of Economics, which are related to the topics we discussed: (read over if you were absent, no need to print; you can get one from the bin).
  • you can find a first-person retelling of the Swissy and e-Dog story here and some really awesome shark jumping vids here

Friday, September 4Today we:
  • Submitted the second assignment/completed the 2nd quiz
  • Finished our Marginal Thinking practice problems (see a friend if you were absent)

Wednesday, September 2 and Thursday, September 3Today, we:
  • Completed and perused our posters on various interesting topics, and related them to the concepts of value and utility
  • Watched a presentation about a local lake and learned how what we thought about it is connected to the concept of "thinking on the margin" (review the presentation at this link if you were absent, and complete the steps on the piece of notebook paper we started writing on during Tuesday's class (or a new piece))
  • Began practicing the idea of this type of thinking, which we will finish Friday:

Tuesday, September 1Today, we:

Monday, August 31Today, we:
  • Completed the book guide from section 4 and discussed several aspects of it as a class; if you were ABSENT, complete the guide and see a friend about jotting down the few extra things we wrote in the margins as we reviewed the sheet.

Friday, August 28Today, we:

Wednesday, August 26 and Thursday, August 27 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • Answered the following question in our notes, and then discussed what people came up with (complete if you were absent so that you have a complete study tool):
    • Choose a business or company that you are familiar with (local to global) and explain how that company answers the "three basic questions." Also, discuss what SPECIFIC factors of production your company uses.
  • Did a little experiment that involved making clothes or food out of play-doh, and took notes on the results (if absent, read SECTION 3 of CHAPTER 1, define Production Possibilities Curves in your notes, and answer questions 2, 3, and 4 from the section review in your notes)
  • Practiced the concepts of PPCs and Opportunity Cost (get these sheets from the bin in the room)
  • REMINDER: QUIZ/ARTICLES DUE TOMORROW!! The Quiz is over sections 1-3 of chapter 1, article assignment is in post for 8/25

Tuesday, August 25Today, we:

Monday, August 24Today, we:
  • Briefly reviewed ideas and examples of the Factors of Production (see previous post for worksheet)
  • Applied these ideas with a partner and these options
  • Reviewed the syllabus (posted at the top)

Friday, August 21Today, we:
  • Discussed a bit about the level at which we will study the science of Economics
  • Took a few notes about the nature of Economics as a science (get from a friend or ask me if you were absent)
  • Worked to gather some initial information about the Factors of Production from the textbook