Economics Fall 2014

Welcome! Here you'll find a daily record of class activities and assignments, with the most recent class day at the top.
Course Syllabus:

Review for the paper Final, happening on Friday December 19, here!

Monday and Tuesday, December 15 and 16Today, we:
  • Looked at some of the issues connected to the federal budget and the national debt
  • Look here for a cool breakdown of the budget
  • Here for an article on some of the parts of the recently passed spending bill
  • Here for info from the government about the budget (or so you can read the whole thing, if you want)
  • Here for information regarding the national deficit and debt (the scary-not-scary clock)

ORAL EXAM ON 12/17 and 12/18, depending on your class period!!
Friday, December 12Today, we:
  • completed a study guide for chapter 14 and 15 (get from basket if you were absent)

Wednesday, December 10 and Thursday, December 11 (BLOCK day)Today, we:
  • Completed the worksheet about the functions and characteristics of money, and completed a study guide about modern banking that's on the final (see basket)
  • Took notes on and practiced differentiating between fiscal and monetary policy (oral exam)

Tuesday, December 9Today, we:
  • Discussed the functions and characteristics of money (on the oral exam, see basket and a friend/the book for makeup)

Monday, December 8Today, we:
  • Took the extra credit quiz (if you were absent, this can only be made up by end of lunch WEDNESDAY, Dec 10)
  • Completed a worksheet about section 1 of chapter 12 (follow the directions carefully and see me with questions)

Friday, December 5
-Answered Questions 1,2,3,4 in the section review of Chapter 11 section 3. Finish as homework if not completed.-Worked in the book reading sections 1 and 2 of Chapter 12. Filled out a worksheet dealing with the role of government in the economy. -Study History of banking notes for extra credit quiz on Monday.
Wednesday/Thursday, December 3/4 (Block day)
- Finished faces of inflation worksheet.
- Began work with Lorenz Curve and how to calculate Gini Coefficient.
- Worked with what poverty is.

Tuesday, December 2
Today, we:
- Worked with inflation using money and bidding on products.
- Received definitions of inflation and deflation.
- Began work on faces of inflation for Wednesday/Thursday.

Monday, December 1Today, we:
- Determined types of unemployment given scenarios of people. - Began planning for

Tuesday, November 25Today, we:
  • Worked on Oral exam questions and projects
  • Received an overview worksheet for chapter 10 and the beginning of chapter 11 - COMPLETE the part for Section 1 of Chapter 11 for extra credit for MONDAY, DECEMBER 1

Monday, November 24Today, we:

Friday, November 21Today, we:
  • Turned in PFL notes
  • Completed the Mr. Miami Beach Documentary (see me for makeup)
  • Began discussion Macroeconomics via the GDP (see box in room for notes blank, we'll finish Monday)

Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20 (BLOCK day)Today, we:
  • Briefly discussed the project options in more depth (WORK DAY Tuesday, 11/25)
  • Worked on PFL portfolios (DUE FRIDAY, 11/21)
  • Viewed the first part of a documentary about Entrepreneurial spirit (see me for makeup)

Tuesday, November 18Today, we:
  • Completed our notes on various ways of setting up a business (see me or a friend for makeup)
  • Read section 4 of Chapter 7, defined the bold words and made a chart detailing the advantages and disadvantages of "combinations" (also called "mergers")
  • Received the semester project options, DUE Monday, December 15:

Monday, November 17Today, we:
  • Read about and took notes on the various ways to set up businesses in the US (see me for makeup)

Wednesday, November 12 and Thursday, November 13 (BLOCK day)Today, we:
  • Worked on a few of the oral exam questions to think about the "levels of preparation" we discussed
  • Continued work on our PFL topics (financial literacy, weblink above) - MUST complete all 8 sections by Friday, 11/21
  • Monitored stock portfolios

Monday, November 10 and Tuesday, November 11
  • Do your best on CMAS! It helps us know more about how to best serve you for your future!
  • Complete and test another PFL Topic by Wed/Thurs (depending on which block day you have Econ)

Friday, November 7
Today, we:
  • Received the first set of Oral Exam questions and discussed how the exam will work/how it's graded
  • Worked on stocks and PFL, confirming that one topic had been completed and the quiz had been passed (all quizzes must be passed with an 80%)
  • Homework for Wed/Thursday (testing Mon and Tues): Complete and test another of the 8 PFL topics

Wednesday, November 5 and Thursday, November 6Today, we:

Monday, November 3 and Tuesday, November 4Today, we:
  • Began our work learning about PFL topics using this website (see me for makeup)

Friday, October 31Today, we:

Wednesday, October 29 and Thursday, october 30 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • Took the midterm exam
  • Completed our work on Market Structures using the textbook (see post from Monday Oct 27 for the document)
Tuesday, October 28Today, we:
  • Reviewed for the midterm (Over chapters 1-5, happening Wed 10/29 for 1st period and Thurs 10/30 for 2nd period). Click here to use the online version of the review, and take a look at this list of terms/concepts to ensure you're prepared:
  • Took some notes on the back of our market structure packet (study the types and how many sellers in each for the midterm, nothing else from Chapter 6)
Monday, October 27Today, we:
  • turned in papers
  • completed an experiment about how various market structures work (Charles and Caitlin kept their .75)
  • Began collecting information about different market structures (if you were absent, complete the first 12 words on the front using the glossary)
Wednesday, October 22Today, we:
  • Worked on the papers about our children's books (DUE MONDAY OCTOBER 27 - NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED)
Tuesday, October 21Today, we:
  • Reviewed the paper assignment we're working on tomorrow (here's a video in case you missed it):
  • Practiced drawing supply and demand graphs and relating them to the various shifters we studied
Monday, October 20Today, we:
  • Received the paper assignment (bring your book to write about on Wed, 10/22, paper is DUE Monday 10/27)
  • Turned in the 5th article/completed the 5th quiz (after a little review of the shifters)
Wednesday, October 15Today, we:
  • Completed our work on the 11 supply and demand shifters
  • received the 5th and final article/quiz assignment, DUE Monday, October 20 (if you're taking the quiz, study your supply and demand shifter notes and all the material from Chapter 5)
Tuesday, October 14Today, we:
  • continued work on understanding the various supply and demand shifters
Monday, October 13
  • continued work on understanding the various supply and demand shifters
Friday, October 10Today, we:
  • completed our work and discussion on section 3 of chapter 5 (see previous post for questions)
  • Began working together on understanding supply and demand shifters (see me for makeup)
Wednesday, October 8 and Thursday, October 9 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • completed our presentations about the price system (see me or a friend for notes!)
  • Practiced speaking the "language of prices," and completed a sheet summarizing our findings (somewhere on the paper define equilibrium price, shortage, and surplus)
  • Completed some questions from Section 3 of chapter 5, concerning when the government becomes involved in the market
Tuesday, October 7Today, we:
  • turned in the 4th assignment/took the 4th quiz
  • continued our presentations about the price system
Monday, October 6Today, we:
  • worked in partners to create thought webs about the price system (presentations tomorrow)
  • REMINDER: Quiz/Article Assignment 4 DUE tomorrow, October 7! (see previous post for assignment, study section 1 of chapters 3 and 4 and elasticity notes and math to be ready for quiz - BRING OWN CALCULATOR!)
Friday, October 3Today, we:
Wednesday/Thursday October 1 and 2 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
Tuesday, September 30Today, we:
  • Took notes on the elasticity of supply and demand
Monday, September 29Today, we:
  • Discussed ideas surrounding the law of supply and the pursuit of profit
  • Tested the idea of diminishing marginal utility and discussed the idea of diminishing marginal returns (get sheet from bin with definitions)
  • Began discussing the degree to which demand and supply are "able" to change
Friday, September 26Today, we:
Wednesday and Thursday, September 24 and 25 (BLOCK day)today, we:
  • Presented our apps to class
  • Used the data gathered on who would purchase our apps to generate demand schedules and curves
  • Applied ideas from the book to our app experiment
  • Began to discuss how many hours per week (out of 40) we'd be willing to tutor others in Economics (since they didn't have such an awesome teacher) - if you were absent, complete ONLY step one for Friday - stop by room 208 to get a copy of the worksheet out of the bin
Monday and Tuesday, September 22 and 23 (testing days):Today, we:
  • Reviewed the circular flow model
  • Discussed "entrepreneurial spirit" in the US
  • Practiced entrepreneurial thinking (see me for makeup)
Wednesday and Thursday, September 17 and 18 (BLOCK days):Today, we:
  • Completed the third assessment/turned in the third article assignment
  • Completed the district Economics Pre-test
Tuesday, September 16Today, we:
  • Completed the explanations and examples of the 5 main features of the US economy
  • Defined, discussed, and exemplified the outcomes in the circular flow model (complete both sides if you were absent, talk to me or a classmate for clarification)
Monday, September 15Today, we:
Friday, September 12Today, we:
  • hypothesized about our mystery nations
  • reviewed the actual nations and discussed some conditions that contribute to their GDP per capita
Wednesday/Thursday, September 10 and 11 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • worked in groups to demonstrate various economic systems, then used those illustrations to identify features of each
  • saw a terrible image about finning(which I imagine makes sharks very sad), then worked with our Sharky feely partners about some mystery nations - we'll continue this Friday.
Tuesday, September 9Today, we:
  • Completed the rest of the comparing Economic Systems sheet - for the "front" that we started yesterday, read about these three systems in the first few pages of Chap 2, Sec 1 and write at least two details in the "features of life" box about what that system would like like in action - how would people take care of themselves and their families? Who is in charge? What's going on in place that use that system on a daily basis? YOU'LL ALSO NEED TO COMPLETE THE BACK SIDE OF THE SHEET IF YOU WERE ABSENT - YOU WILL USE CHAPTER 16 (BEGINS ON PAGE 377 - use all four sections of the chapter) TO DO THIS. The answers on the back side of the paper are similar, but more complicated and nuanced - add enough detail that no answer on the "front" and "back" are the same.
  • This sheet is DUE at the beginning of our block session this week.
Monday, September 8Today, we:
  • completed the assignment in our Google Drive regarding the social goals of economics and generational attitudes in the US (see me for makeup, Ryan)
  • Received a chart on which to catalog some features of various economic systems - HOMEWORK: Complete the first FOUR columns on the side that lists "Traditional, Command, and Market Systems" - do not complete the final column yet - page 26 in your book is pretty helpful.
Friday, September 5Today, we:
  • Worked on an assignment connected to the 5 social goals of economics (the gold sheet you have, or the PDF in the post for yesterday). You can find this assignment in your Google Drive in your school account (Click on "shared with me"). IF YOU WERE ABSENT, COMPLETE NUMBER 1 AND 2 ONLY FOR THREE GRAPHS OF YOUR CHOICE - DO NOT COMPLETE THE WHOLE ASSIGNMENT.
Wednesday, September 3/Thursday September 4 (BLOCK DAY)Today, we:
  • Finished our discussion of thinking on the margin (here's the answers with some explanation, in case you missed it):
  • Formed our what will likely be lifelong sharky partnerships (see the basket in the room for your sheet if you were absent)
  • Discussed a variety of issues connected to how we live, how we feel other people should be able to live, and how economics touches every life
  • Connected those discussions to the Social Goals of Economics; if you were absent, read over each carefully and complete the sheet according the the directions at the bottom by Friday, September 5.
Also, please try to access your school Google Account if you haven't in awhile - we'll be using them Friday.
PPS: If you want to follow the Shark Location Twitter, here it is, and you can find a first-person retelling of the Swissy and eDog story here and some really awesome shark jumping vids here; then get back to work.
Tuesday, September 2Today, we:
  • Completed our work on "Local Lake," using it to illustrate the concept of marginal thinking
  • practiced thinking on the margin with some practice problems (we'll finish Wed 9/3 - get notes about sunk cost from someone if you were absent)
Friday, August 29:Today, we:
  • Reviewed the concepts of utility and value using a few examples (like the red paper clip and Steven Ortiz)
  • Received the second assignment, DUE Tuesday September 2 (if you choose to take the quiz, review all of Chapter 1/all the notes we've taken so far)
  • Began working on Marginal thinking with the story of "local lake" (we'll continue this on Tuesday).
Wednesday, August 27th/Thursday August 28th (BLOCK DAY):Today, we:
  • Took the first quiz/turned in the first article assignment
  • completed our review of PPCs and Opportunity cost using our Pizzas and Rugs
  • Leaned about the concept of exchange in terms of economics, and reviewed our answers together (complete if you were absent)
  • Began working on an extreme example of how people conceive of opportunity cost (if you were absent, watch this clip- fast forward to at 6:00 minutes in and end at 10:45minutes)
Tuesday, August 26:Today, we:
  • Reviewed the assignment that is due Wed for 1st period and Thurs for 2nd period (see assignment in the post below; complete and bring to class or be ready to take a quiz over Sections 1, 2, and 3 of chapter 1)
  • Worked with play-doh to establish our clothes and food production possibilities curve, and discussed the meaning of such curves for businesses (review section 3 of chapter 1 is you were absent)
Monday, August 25:Today, we:
  • Read pp 8-10 and answered 1 and 3 in the section review (found on p10) on our own paper
  • Added an answer to the question, "how does a specific company you're familiar with answer the three basic questions?"
  • Reviewed the basics of economic reasoning using an example with candy bars (an no Thunderdome action) - see the printed side of the page we took notes on the first day
  • Received the first article assignment, DUE Wednesday 8/27 (1st period) or Thursday 8/28 (2nd period) - if you choose to take the quiz, it's over sections 1-3 of chapter 1.
Friday, August 22:Today, we:
  • Reviewed the factors of production and applied them to a specific good or service (if you were absent, click here, choose a video, and fill out the bottom of your Factors worksheet based on the video you choose).
  • Went over the class expectations (syllabus posted above)
Thursday, August 21:Today, we:
  • Discussed the levels of depth we will learn about Economics in
  • Took notes on the basics of economics through the lens of TNSTAAFL (get from a classmate if you were absent)
  • Homework: Read pages 4-6 in the book and complete the top of this sheet (leave everything under the words "application exercise" blank for class next time