Welcome! Here you'll find a daily record of class activities and assignments, with the most recent class day at the top.

Course Description and Expectations:

Review for the final, happening on Monday, May 16, here!
Tuesday, May 17
Today, we:
  • Looked at some elements of the actual budget and compared it to our own priorities
  • Discussed budgeting and debt, using this as a visual aid
  • Checked out...deuces!

Monday, May 16
Today, we:
  • Took the final
  • returned books
  • Continued our work with the federal budget, hopefully getting a chance to look at this awesome Prezi Ms. Barrett worked very hard on:

Friday, May 13:
Today, we:

Semester Project Resources: Stock Portfolio Project (click the links):
Link to our Game (click "log in" at the top, which is in tiny letters up in the top left corner)
Video explaining how to find several of the things you'll need in your account for your project (how to print reports, etc)
Website many students use to make their graphs for Section Three

Business Plan Project (click the links):
Other Entrepreneurs for Part One
Springwise Website for Part Two or your can use their Twitter feed (@Springwise) to look at ideas
Census Website to get data for #4 of Part Three (type in the location of your business in the search box - i.e., Berthoud)

"Economics of ..."Project (click the links):
Kami Website that you'll be using to annotate your articles
YouTube Video Explaining how Kami (the tool you have to use) works

Wednesday, May 11
Today, we:
  • Took the oral exam (and no one was absent because that's more terrifying than a megaladon)

Tuesday, May 10:
Today, we:

Monday, May 9:
Today, we:
  • Took the EC quiz - if you were absent for field trip or otherwise, you must make up by end of day Tuesday May 10th to get any points.
  • Took the district Econ exam (see me if you were absent - must be made up by lunch on Thursday)
  • Continued work on the FED reading received Friday 5/7 - finish on own this week

Friday, May 6:
Today, we:

Wednesday, May 4:
Today, we:
Tuesday, May 3:
Today, we:

Monday, May 2:
Today, we:

Friday, April 29:
Today, we:
  • Looked at the posters others created about various financial literacy topics and wrote some thoughts about them (see me for makeup)
  • Began taking notes on the GDP (get from me or a friend on Monday before we finish them - extras in classroom bin)
  • Received the Macroeconomics Oral Exam questions (this test happens on May 11):

Wednesday, April 27:
Today, we:
  • Completed a reflection about our experience with the Stock Market Game (if you were absent, follow the directions below and complete for Friday):Capture.JPG
  • Worked together on some posters about financial literacy topics that we will use on Friday

Tuesday, April 26:
Today, we:

Monday, April 25
Today, we:

Friday, April 22
Today, we:
  • watched Mr. Miami Beach, a documentary about Carl Fisher that introduced us to the entrepreneurial spirit of the US - see me for makeup, ESPECIALLY IF you are doing the business plan project.

Tuesday, April 19 and Wednesday April 20
Today, we:

Friday, April 15
Today, we:

Wednesday, April 13
Today, we:

Tuesday, April 12
Today, we:
  • Took notes on saving and investing that are valuable for the oral exam and final - see me or a friend to get the notes

Monday, April 11
Today, we:
  • Reviewed the resources above, to be used for the three project choices
  • Worked in our stock portfolios (see directions under 4/1 post for how to join and how it works, link to game is above)
  • Began working on a tutorial about the stock market and trading (DUE Friday as part of your financial literacy portfolio):

Friday, April 1:
Today, we:
  • Briefly reviewed the project options (see above if you're wanting to get a head start over break)
  • Joined the Stock Market Game and started trading - do a bit more playing around over break, please, and if you're thinking of doing the Stock Portfolio Project, own 10 stocks by Monday 4/11: (we also noted the link http://bit.ly/industrysearch as a way to diversify one's portfolio)

Wednesday, March 30:
Today, we:

Tuesday, March 29
Today, we:
  • Continued work on PFL posters
  • Completed a "reality check" about how we hope to live out on our own (if you were absent, complete using the website available in the document):

Monday, March 28
Today, we:
  • Completed the midterm
  • Continued work on the "First Thoughts PFL" assignment (see 3/25 for details)

Friday, March 25
Today, we:
  • Took the first part of the midterm we were supposed to take on Wednesday (other part Monday, continue to study)
  • Worked on our financial literacy initial thoughts assignment, DUE next Friday 4/1:

Wednesday, March 23
Today, we:
  • stayed home and shoveled snow/wished the power would come back on/played outside/slept in

Tuesday, March 22
Today, we:
  • continued work on our papers, DUE WED
  • Discussed our next assignment concerning financial literacy

Monday, March 21
Today, we:
  • Had a slightly longer discussion about the paper assignment, which is DUE Wednesday, March 23rd
    • Here's a video about writing the paper in case you need a refresher/were absent:

  • Worked on our children's book paper assignment at the laptops

Friday, March 18
Today, we:
  • Completed our book guide about market structure (see previous post, all info can be found in Chapter 6)
  • Took some notes about other ways to define market structure (see me or a friend if you were absent)
  • Received the midterm paper assignment, DUE Wednesday March 23 - must bring a book to class on Monday the 21 or you forfeit 10% of the possible points!

Wednesday, March 16
Today, we:

Tuesday, March 15
Today, we:
  • Began working on putting supply and demand together and graphing various scenarios: (we'll continue Wednesday)
  • Played a little game of bingo to review different examples of the shifters

Monday, March 14:
Today, we:

Friday, March 11
Today we:
  • Continued work on the shifters and various examples of them

Wednesday, March 9
Today, we:
  • Continued work with our partners on the 11 demand and supply shifters, creating headlines that exemplify each

Tuesday, March 8
Today, we:
  • Discussed a little about price ceilings and floors and their effects on a market
  • Began working on the supply and demand shifters with our Sharky Electroreception partners - see me if you were absent

Monday, March 7
Today, we:

Wednesday, March 2
Today, we:

Monday, February 29
Today, we:
  • completed the 4th quiz/turned in the 4th article assignment
  • finished up our posters on the price system, to be presented on Wednesday

Wednesday, February 24 (block day)
Today, we:

Monday, February 22
Today, we:

Friday, February 19
Today, we:
  • Worked on our padlets
  • Submitted them here (or do so by Monday at 10pm): The time to submit this assignment has expired. Please see Ms. Barrett.

Wednesday, February 17
Today, we:

Tuesday, February 16
Today, we:

Friday, February 12
Today, we:
  • Completed our work on supply and applied it to some basic concepts from the book:
  • (Period 3 only): reviewed supply and demand with a partner (no makeup necessary)

Wednesday, February 10
Today, we:
  • presented our apps
  • applied what we learned about our apps to some basic information about demand:
  • began discussing the concept of supply in terms of willingness to tutor others

Tuesday, February 9
Today, we:
  • Worked on our apps (more tomorrow, see me if you were absent)

Monday, February 8
Today, we:
  • Took the third quiz/turned in the third assignment
  • Completed our discussions of the Circular Flow Model (see me or a friend for notes)
  • (3rd period only) Began thinking of things we wished we had on our smartphones

Friday, February 5
Today, we:
  • Entered our information for Graduation (see me if you were absent)
  • Learned about and generated some examples of the circular flow model

Wednesday, February 3
Today, we:
  • Finished discussing and revealing our Mystery nations from Monday
  • Took some notes on the predictable factors of long term economic growth, connecting them to the nations we just discussed:
  • Worked on reading pp 29-33, about the 5 main features of the US economy; define all bold words, briefly explain each feature, and give a specific and original example of how that feature has most recently affected your life
  • Received the 3rd assignment, DUE MONDAY 2/8 (quiz is over green systems sheet, gold social goals paper, long term growth notes, and notes on features of US economy):

Tuesday, February 2

Monday, February 1
Today, we:
  • Worked with our Sharky vision partners (after learning about the newly discovered powers of the swell shark) to make some guesses about a variety of mystery nations (see me if you were absent)

Friday, January 29
Today, we:
  • Completed our visuals of economic systems
  • Evaluated other group's drawings for evidence of the various aspects of the systems using post-its (see me if you were absent)

Wednesday, January 27
Today, we:
  • Finished our organizers about various economic systems; the information for traditional, command, and market systems is found in Section 1 of chapter 2...there's also a really helpful chart there. The information for communism, capitalism, and socialism are found in the various sections of Chapter 16, and your gold "social goals" sheet is used for that column.
  • Started working on groups on posters which illustrate how these systems would function

Tuesday, January 26
Today, we:

Monday, January 25
Today, we:
  • Began working on a group activity connecting the social goals of economics to some of the recent policy priorities of President Obama, as outlined in the 2015 and 2016 SOTU addresses (see me if you were absent, and read the assignment in your school Google Drive before returning to class if possible)

Friday, January 22
Today, we:
  • Completed our conversations about various topics with our Sharky Partners
  • Connected our discussions to the Social Goals of Economics
  • Read about those social goals, ranked them, and graded the US on its achievement of them (complete if you were absent):

Wednesday, January 20
Today, we:
  • completed the 2nd quiz/assignment
  • worked on some story problems based on the ideas of Local Lake (see previous post) to practice the act of marginal thinking (see me or a friend for the answers)
  • Formed our Semester-long Sharky Partnerships and began discussing some various ideas about how our economy operates with others (see me if you were absent!)

Friday, January 15
Today, we:

Wednesday, January 13
Today, we:
  • Completed the book guide began yesterday (see post) and reviewed some of the ideas together
  • Worked in groups to evaluate the value and utility of various items/actions via the news, and created posters to share with the class (see me if you were absent)

Tuesday, January 12
Today, we:
  • Completed the first quiz/assignment
  • Provided our signatures for the yearbook (see me if you were absent)
  • Completed our Laurasians practice
  • Began working on a book guide concerning section 4 of Chapter 1 (if you were absent, define the words and bring the sheet to class - we will have time to finish it on Wednesday)

Monday, January 11
Today, we:

Friday, January 8
Today, we:
  • Used our homework and ETs to think about a specific company we're connected to (see me for makeup)
  • Discussed the economic trilogy using some candy bars
  • Received our first quiz/article assignment, DUE Tuesday January 12: (Quiz is over sections 1-3 of chapter 1)

Wednesday, January 6 (BLOCK DAY)
Today, we:
  • Reviewed the course description and expectations (found at the top of the page throughout the semester)
  • Worked on a sheet concerning the "factors of production," then applied our new knowledge to one of these choices with a partner
  • HOMEWORK FOR FRIDAY: Read pp 8-10 (after getting books for the semester), answering 1-3 from the section review

Tuesday, January 5
Today, we:
  • Discussed a few details regarding the level at which we will work
  • Took some notes that outlines our working description of economics
  • Began brainstorming some random stuff that will hopefully make sense over time - SEE ME IF YOU WERE ABSENT!