Welcome! Here you'll find a daily record of class activities and assignments, with the most recent class day at the top.
Course Description and Expectations:
Hey! Review for the final, happening May 15, here!

Thursday, May 11
Today, we:
  • Took the Oral Exam

Tuesday, May 10
Today, we:

Monday, May 9
Today, we:


Stock Portfolio Project (click the links):
Link to our Game (click "log in" at the top, which is in tiny letters up in the top left corner)
Video explaining how to find several of the things you'll need in your account for your project (how to print reports, etc)
Website many students use to make their graphs for Section Three

Business Plan Project (click the links):
Other Entrepreneurs for Part One
Springwise Website for Part Two or your can use their Twitter feed (@Springwise) to look at ideas
Census Website to get data for #4 of Part Three (type in the location of your business in the search box - i.e., Berthoud)

"Economics of ..."Project (click the links):
Kami Website that you'll be using to annotate your articles
YouTube Video Explaining how Kami (the tool you have to use) works

Friday, April 28Today, we:
  • Practiced categorizing the different types of unemployment (we'll use it Monday)
  • Received the 2nd set of Oral Exam questions, the Macro questions:
  • Worked on the questions and our projects

Thursday, April 27Today, we:

Tuesday, April 25Today, we:

Monday, April 24Today, we:

    • Check your stocks using the game link above
    • On your own piece of paper or as something your type and print, reflect upon your experience using these sentence starters (follow the directions below and do no repeat ideas or learnings): stock.PNG
    • Work on completing our PFL modules, which are DUE by beginning of class tomorrow, April 25. This is the link to the website - you should have your login info. Complete ONLY The Cost of Risk, Home Sweet Home, and Build your Defenses

Friday, April 21Today, we:
  • Watched Mr. Miami Beach (see me for makeup)

Thursday, April 20Today, we:
  • Completed our paragraphs about the wise use of credit with our partners
  • Worked on completing 3 modules (The Cost of Risk, Home Sweet Home, and Build Your Defenses) from the Earn Your Future website, to help us understand Insurance, Identity theft and Fraud, and Buying a Home

Tuesday, April 18Today, we:

With your partner, compose two paragraphs that give your advice on how to use credit wisely addressing both the benefits and possible drawbacks/pitfalls/things to watch out for; your paragraph should incorporate ALL five of the vocabulary words from your purple book sheet from section 9.4 (use the vocabulary words correctly in a sentence – i.e., “becoming overextended through credit card use can lead to bankruptcy.”), use two concepts/observations from your notes on the documentary, at least one example or idea from your work deciphering your credit application, AND at least one example or idea from your work at the computer about credit card interest.

Monday, April 17Today, we:

Friday, April 14Today, we:

Thursday, April 13Today, we:
  • Discussed the projects in a little more depth
  • Began taking some notes on saving and investing (see me or a friend to get them)

Monday, April 10Today, we:
  • received the options for the semester project (see me if you were absent to get a packet):
  • worked on our stock portfolios and our stock tutorials (the tutorial is due Thursday, April 13)

Friday, April 7Today, we:
  • worked on our stock portfolios and our stock tutorials (the tutorial is due Thursday, April 13)

Thursday, April 6Today, we:

Tuesday, April 4Today, we:
  • Received the first set of Oral Exam questions (the oral exam is Thursday, May 11) and discussed how to prepare for them:
  • Worked on our 8 square project, WHICH IS DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS ON THURSDAY, APRIL 5

Monday, April 3Today, we:

Friday, March 31Today, we:

Thursday, March 30Today, we:

Tuesday, March 28Today, we:
  • did a brief Jeopardy review together
  • worked on our papers, DUE on THURSDAY (see previous posts for instructions and a video how-to-write)

Monday, March 27Today, we:
  • Discussed the way to write the paper (here's a video of me talking about it in case you weren't listening or want to relive the Clock Book again):

  • Worked on the paper, DUE on THURSDAY 3/30

Friday, March 24:Today, we:

Thursday, March 23Today, we:

Tuesday, March 21Today, we:

Monday, March 20Today, we:
  • Discussed that the Midterm will happen THURSDAY, MARCH 30 (see above for review)
  • Reviewed the shifters of Demand and Supply
  • Took the 5th Quiz/Turned in the 5th article assignment

Thursday, March 9Today, we:
  • Completed our work on how supply and demand can shift
  • Received the 5th article assignment, DUE Monday, March 20 (I'll answer questions up to 9pm 3/19, study chapter 5 and your shifters packet if you're taking the quiz):
  • Began practicing pulling this all together to draw accurate supply and demand scenarios (we'll continue this 3/20 - get a sheet from the bin if you were absent)

Monday, March 6 and Tuesday, March 7On these days, we:
  • Worked with our partners figuring out the 11 supply and demand shifters (see me for makeup and read section 2 of chapters 3 and 4 if confused, or watch this video about Demand and this one about Supply, although the supply video doesn't include Prices of Related Goods, which our book does and tests will)

Friday, March 3Today, we:
  • Reviewed the basics about price ceilings and price floors
  • Began working on the 11 shifters of demand and supply with our Sharky Electroreception partners (see me for makeup)

Thursday, March 2Today, we:

Tuesday, February 28Today, we:
  • Completed our price system posters and began presenting info on them, on which we took notes (see me for makeup)

Monday, February 27Today, we:
  • Took the 4th quiz/turned in the 4th assignment
  • Began working on posters about the features of the price system

Friday, February 24Today, we:
  • Discussed the elasticity math and briefly reviewed some of the answers (here's the key for more in-depth information):
  • Began working on symbolizing some information about the price system (we'll finish Monday)
  • Homework: Complete article assignment 4 (see previous post) or prepare for quiz!

Thursday, February 23Today, we:
  • Submitted our padlets (the time to submit this assignment has passed; please see Ms. Barrett with questions)

  • Briefly reviewed elasticity (see me if you were absent)

Friday, February 17Today, we:
  • Continued work on our padlet walls, which are DUE at the beginning of class Thursday, feb 23 (we'll turn them in during class)

Thursday, February 16Today, we:

Tuesday, February 14Today, we:

Monday, February 13Today, we:

Friday, February 10Today, we:
  • Presented our apps and derived demand curves from them
  • Completed some questions about the concept of Demand from the book (finish for Monday if you were absent, you don't have to have made an app to do so):

Thursday, February 9Today, we:

Tuesday, February 7Today, we:
  • Completed our work on the circular flow model (see a friend for ideas for the back)
  • 3rd assignment DUE Thursday 2/9! (see previous post for assignment)

Monday, February 6Today, we:

Thursday, February 2 and Friday February 3Today, we:
  • Evaluated the economic systems visualizations with post-its
  • Made and shared some guesses about some Mystery Nations
  • Went to the library:
  • Once you've finished watching all the videos and taking notes (it should be Friday at this point), you need to do the following on your own paper:
    • read pp 29-33, about the 5 main features of the US economy; define all bold words, briefly explain each feature, and give a specific and original example of how that feature has most recently affected your life - you can probably get help from your brightly colored "economics territories" sheet with this

Tuesday, January 31
Today, we:
  • Checked green sheets for completeness (even if I marked it unfinished, COMPLETE it for Monday)
  • Worked together on visualizing how economic systems function

Monday, January 30Today, we:
  • Completed our social goals assignment and submitted it
  • Received an assignment from the textbook that needs to be COMPLETED by tomorrow; the information for traditional, command, and market systems is found in Section 1 of chapter 2...there's also a really helpful chart there. The information for communism, capitalism, and socialism are found in the various sections of Chapter 16, and your gold "social goals" sheet is used for the column that references that:

Friday, January 27Today, we:
  • Worked on our Social Goals Assignment
  • Turned in our assignment when complete: the time to submit this has passed. See Ms. Barrett if you weren't finished.

Thursday, January 26Today, we:

Tuesday, January 24Today, we:
  • Discussed some things with our sharky partners and recorded our thought (we'll turn in for participation 1/26)

Monday, January 23Today, we:
  • Turned in the 2nd assignment/took the second quiz
  • Completed and discussed our Marginal thinking practice problems (see me or a friend for the answers)
  • Formed what will likely be our lifelong Sharky Partners

Friday, January 20

Thursday, January 19Today, we:

Tuesday, January 17Today, we:
  • Turned in the first article assignment/took the first quiz
  • Talked a little bit about comparative advantage related to our Laurasians and their pizzas and rugs
  • Worked from the book to gather information about the act of exchange (if you were absent, complete all but a few questions for Thursday...you'll have about 10 more minutes):

Friday, January 13Today, we:

Thursday, January 12Today, we:

Tuesday, January 10Today, we:
  • Reviewed the course description and expectations (found at the top of the page throughout the semester)
  • Worked on a sheet concerning the "factors of production" (Read pp 4-6 and complete if you were absent):
  • If you didn't finish your "Economics Territories" (the bright sheet we got on the first day), finish for homework

Monday, January 9Today, we:
  • Discussed a few details regarding the level at which we will work
  • Took some notes that outlines our working description of economics
  • Began brainstorming some random stuff that will hopefully make sense over time - SEE ME IF YOU WERE ABSENT!