Welcome! Assignments and Activities are recounted below, with the most recent day at the top - items in the list that are italicized are included in your grade for the course and need to be made up unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions or need help, please see Ms. Barrett in the library or contact her by email at carin.barrett@thompsonschools.org.

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Tuesday, May 8
Today, we:
  • Worked on researching the issue we are passionate about
  • Looked at examples of Spirit of Service Readings for ALL 7 days (including Saturday and Sunday)
  • (potentially) began working on our book entries using this template

Thursday, April 26
Today, we:
  • Began researching different social issues to see if we care about them
  • Tested out destiny
  • Answered two additional Give Next questions:
    • If you could choose one word to capture your Give Next experience, what would it be? Why?
    • If a fellow student asked you about Give Next and what it is, what would you tell them?

Monday, April 9
Today, we:
  • Worked on completing the reading and workgroup items
  • Completed ONE of the two TED talks found here

Monday, April 2
Today, we:
  • Completed our funding letters and reflections on the funding experience, and submitted them:

Tuesday, March 20
Today, we:
  • Worked on our presentations and class service projects
  • Submitted our philanthropy glossaries (dual credit only): The time to submit this assignment has passed. Please see Ms. Barrett

Friday and Monday, 2/23 and 2/26
Today, we:
Watched the screencasts from the other classes. If you were absent for any of the 8 presentations (either live or recorded), watch them and take notes for homework.

Wednesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 22
Today, we:

Tuesday, February 13
Remember, this is the assignment for the last two slides...requirements for the other slides in the presentation can be found under the posting for 2/5:
Now that you’ve completed the reading, discuss your ideas with your workgroup. Now, do some internet research on homelessness in general in the US - what effects does being homeless have on health, education, well being? ADD TWO SLIDES to your work group’s presentation. The first should contain at least three facts your group finds about the effects of homelessness (short-lived or chronic) on a person or family (cite the website you got the fact on below it) that your group believes need attention. On the 2nd slide, include at least three wonderings you now have related to this chapter, your findings about homelessness, and your nonprofit’s grant proposal - connect specifically to what the nonprofit discusses in their grant application and the results those programs they’ve requested funding for might have in terms of the “QALYs” for those the programs assist.

Friday, February 9Today, we:

Wednesday and Thursday, February 7 & 8Today, we:

Monday and Tuesday, February 5 & 6Today, we:
  • Began planning our work group visits
  • Began our presentations about the non profit we will be vetting for the class:

Workgroup Presentation Number 1 (50 points - 40 for the slides and 10 for the oral presentation)
For your first presentation, you will be researching more about what we discussed with regard to evaluating a non-profit applicant, their credibility, the capability of the organization to achieve their goals, the feasibility of the program they are trying to fund through us, and what your group thinks would be the important outcomes of the program if it is funded. Additionally, you will be sharing in this presentation the interview questions you will be asking on your visit as well as other things you will be “looking for” on your visit that would help your group decide whether to recommend them to the class for funding or not.

Your presentation should include the following slides about the non-profit you’ll be evaluating (in this order):
  • A slide with the name of the non-profit and their mission statement (found in the grant application) (project will not be scored without this slide)
  • 2-3 screenshots (on separate slides) of parts of their website/online information about them that speak to their credibility - you will orally present to us what you saw on these pages that is making you say that. (10 points)
  • A slide listing at least 3 details about how capable the organization seems to be in terms of achieving their mission (reference the board’s qualifications, other events they’ve been involved in you found online or know about, relevant experience they seem to have related to our mission statement) - you can include screenshots here if useful (10 points)
  • A slide that gives a summary of what they are asking for money for and how much your group currently thinks the project could make a difference or resolve issues related to our mission statement (10 points)
A slide (or two) that tells the class what you have been able to discern or find out so far about the questions we brainstormed (shared with you in the drive) and the questions that still need answered, as well as TWO additional questions you intend to ask the non-profit that are very specific to something you read in their application (10 points)

Friday, February 1Today, we:
  • Reflected a little on our site visits from Thursday - answer the two basic questions for EACH of the three nonprofits we visited (complete if you were absent):
    • IMG_5099.jpg

Tuesday, January 30Today, we:

Monday, January 8 - Friday, January 26 (items in italics will go in the grade book):During this time, we:
  • Began and continued our daily difference entries in our Giving Journals
  • Met each other by searching our fellow students who have put good in the world (if you were absent, this is excused)
  • Created our Giving Journal covers
  • Reviewed our grant applications in terms of some basic ideas about the nonprofits and what each is asking for
  • Brainstormed questions that should be asked on site visits
  • Searched for fundraising ideas in three areas: how to write emails/letters, school fundraisers, and how to use social media to raise money
  • Registered for the dual credit for the course, if interested: https://apps.ccu.edu/DualCredit/PersonalInfo.aspx