Check out Bohemian Foundation's wonderful encapsulation of Give Next here!!
This year's mission statement for BHS: The Give Next Team of Berthoud High School hopes to alleviate the feelings of helplessness many youth experience as they battle mental health and safety issues. With the assistance of Serimus Foundation and Bohemian Foundation, we intend to support nonprofits that provide specific programs and services which empower youth to overcome or cope effectively with mental health challenges or safety issues which threaten a youth’s mental health.

Course Syllabus:

Wednesday, May 24
Today, we:
  • Finished our presentations
  • Evaluated the assignments in this class
  • Completed our final:

PCE Paper 1: Issues of personal significance RE-MIX
This was the original assignment: In a short written piece (500 words plus citations and bibliography in MLA format), your goal is to identify a particular problem people face, justify why it is important, indicate the state of prevailing knowledge about the issue (i.e. find some good research that addresses the topic), discuss what’s currently being done about it in our area (needs to be specific to agencies or programs), and explain what program or solution you’ve found that you would most advocate for the implementation or funding of (continued or new). Strong proposals may ultimately influence others in their giving or activities. Your goal here is not to change the world in one day, just to start changing it by identifying a piece that is broken and how we might consider fixing it.

Do this to your paper (no bibliography needed this time): Now that you’ve experienced a number of both logical and emotional pleas in videos, writing, and in person, make 3 significant edits to your paper that you believe would make it a stronger argument for your cause. Can you shorten parts and make them more impactful? Can you provide a stronger statistic/reason people should help? Can you make a logical or emotional appeal that would make your issue more important to a person you’re trying to draw in? Is there a new solution or program that you would now advocate for?

Wednesday, May 3
Today, we:

Tuesday, May 2
Today, we:

Monday, May 1
Today, we:

Friday, April 28
Today, we:
  • Began working on our third and final paper:
    • Paper 3 (5%): Advice on giving (2-3 pages), with references to at least four course “texts” or activities. This assignment asks you to identify a challenge to giving away money wisely that you have discovered through your readings, through class discussions, or through the unfolding of your work group's discussions and activities as well as our class’s final decision-making activities. Describe how this challenge occurred to you, and why you find it difficult. Explain how would you address it or at least guard against its worst effects. Additionally, after highlighting this challenge, identify the most important ideas or concepts overall that you’ve learned in terms of how to give money away with sustainability and good stewardship of funds, and also discuss why philanthropy is valuable as an aspect of a person’s civic engagement. Connect your views and experiences to course texts and activities, as support for, elaboration, or further illustration of your points. Citations and a bibliography are required.
    • "Texts" you can use: Assessing Impact (you completed a dialectical journal on this), the 4 readings on Doing Good "Right" (we made posters about these as groups and you took notes on them in your giving journal), anything you found in your "rabbit-holing" about the term and concept civic engagement, and our two recent TED talks, "How to Buy Happiness" and "The Extraordinary Power of Ordinary People" ...that's a total of potentially 13 things to choose from to enhance your paper/help justify or explain your thoughts. You must include at least 4. You can also of course refer to your experiences in the field.

Monday, April 24
Today, we:

Friday, April 14
Today, we:
  • Read short readings about "how to do good right" and created posters about the readings

Tuesday, April 11
Today, we:
  • Worked in our workgroups on our portfolio

Monday, April 10
Today, we:

Friday, April 7
Today, we:

Wednesday, April 5
Today, we:

Tuesday, April 4
Today, we:
  • Worked on our philanthropy glossaries, DUE by 9 am on Friday, April 7

Monday, April 3
Today, we:

Tuesday, March 28 - Friday, March 31:
On these days, we:
  • Discussed and made our final funding decisions

Monday, March 27
Today, we:

Friday, March 24
Today, we:
  • Began to discuss our priorities with regard to funding our nonprofit applicants

Wednesday, March 22
Today, we:
  • Presented our funding ideas and had the pleasure of having Karina Branson support us with her Jedi Drawing Skills!
Berthoud High School Philanthropy (1).jpg

Monday, March 20 and Tuesday, March 21
On these days, we:
  • Prepared our funding recommendation presentations

Wednesday, March 8
Today, we:

Tuesday, March 7
Today, we:
  • Began creating our funding recommendation presentations

Monday, March 6
Today, we:
  • Worked in groups to discuss our funding recommendation presentations (see Presentation 2 in syllabus for details)

Friday, March 3
Today, we:
  • Completed and turned in our Philanthropic Autobiographies (updated versions may be submitted up until Tuesday 3/7 at 3pm)
  • Discussed our workgroup presentations about funding decisions

Wednesday, March 1
Today, we:

Monday, February 27 and Tuesday, February 28
On these days, we:
  • Worked on our Philanthropic Autobiographies (see previous post for hotlinked assignment)

Friday, February 24
Today, we:

Wednesday, February 22
Today, we:

Friday, February 17
Today, we:

Wednesday, February 15
Today, we:

Tuesday, February 14
Today, we:

Monday, February 13
Today, we:
  • Finalized the date for our awards ceremony
  • Worked in our groups on connecting non-profit work to supporting the preamble of the Constitution (see previous post for group links)
  • When you are finished, peruse each group's findings and answer the following question in your giving journal on the BACK of the page you glued the preamble to: In your opinion, which 2 goals of the Preamble are most important, and why? What does it look like when that goal is achieved (expand on your explanation sheet - how do people live, how do systems function)? Explain how nonprofits support these goals/that vision using at least one specific example for each part of the preamble you identified, and explain what types of philanthropic work you might do in the future to support these goals yourself.

Friday, February 10
Today, we:
  • identified powerful phrases from our "Why Philanthropy" reading
  • Reviewed the meaning behind the Preamble to the Constitution:
  • Added the Preamble and the main sectors of Philanthropy to our Giving Journals, and connected a powerful phrase to how philanthropy can support these goals

Wednesday, February 8
Today, we:

Tuesday, February 7
Today, we:

Monday, February 6
Today, we:
  • Completed the workgroup presentations/generated the rest of our questions for our nonprofits
  • Completed work left from our TED talks

Friday, February 3
Today, we:
  • Viewed two TED talks to continue evolving our understanding of the nonprofit world, using the same structure of approach we've used previously (you should be able to complete these both today with a couple minutes to spare, and then there's no homework - if you don't quite finish, do so before Monday please):
  • TED Talk one: The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong
    • open the note sheet you'll need by clicking here (it will force you to make a copy you can type on). As you watch the talk, answer the questions on the note sheet, pausing whenever you feel the need to type something. I'll collect this Monday.
    • Click here to go to the TED talk
  • TED Talk two: You are the Future of Philanthropy
    • open the note sheet you'll need by clicking here (it will force you to make a copy you can type on). As you watch the talk, answer the questions on the note sheet, pausing whenever you feel the need to type something. I'll collect this Monday
    • Click here to go to the TED Talk

Wednesday, February 1 (If you were gone on a visit, you'll work on this on a day others are gone for theirs. It is not homework)
Today, we:

Tuesday, January 31
Today, we:
  • Turned in permission slips (remember to bring them if you haven't yet!!)
  • Began presentations

Monday, January 30
Today, we:

Friday, January 27
Today, we:
  • Made plans for our basketball fundraiser, being held on Tuesday, January 31
  • Worked on our presentations (due next week)

Wednesday, January 25
Today, we:
  • Got with our work groups and made contact lists
  • Contacted non profits about visiting
  • Began working on a presentation about the two nonprofits we contacted about visiting:

Tuesday, January 24
Today, we:
  • Decided which grants to contact about visits

Monday, January 23
Today, we:
  • Had a visit from Pam Kilness from Bohemian Foundation about how to evaluate grants during which we reviewed this criteria: and generated this list of questions we want to use to evaluate our own grants:
    • Does their mission statement match ours?
    • Does it relate to youth?
    • Is the money going to be used towards our mission (gas cards?)
    • How far will our money go? Impact?
    • Number of people served?
    • Are they able to reach Berthoud (accessibility)?
    • Do they have a clear and concise plan (organization)?
    • Are they sustainable enough (can they even really reach Berthoud, does their program have access to resources to continue their project)?
    • How many places have they applied to?
    • What is the frequency of their programs?
    • How safe or comfortable is their environment/what can we tell from their website about their physical location?
    • What level of mental health services do they provide?

Friday, January 20
Today, we:
  • Decided we would do our "bucket brigade" fundraiser on Jan 31 - please keep calendars open
  • Worked on completing our initial grant reviews (see previous post, COMPLETE for MONDAY)
  • Started reading about strategic giving (highlight confusion in the text, write down comments/questions/connections in the margins):

Wednesday, January 18
Today, we:
  • Viewed a TED Talk about effective altruism
    • Directions: open the note sheet you'll need by clicking here (it will force you to make a copy you can type on). As you watch the talk, answer the questions on the note sheet, pausing whenever you feel the need to type something. I'll collect this Friday.
    • Click here to go to the TED Talk (There's a small amount of graphic video at about 30 seconds. You can look away if needed)
  • When you finish, get a copy of the instructions for the next activity from Mrs. Brandvold.
  • Began reviewing our 13 grant applications using these instructions (write this information in your giving journal):
    • To find the grant apps: go to your Google Drive and click on "shared with me" on the left. You should find a folder in there called "applications" - click to open the folder and then click on each grant to read it.

Tuesday, January 17
Today, we:

Friday, January 13
Today, we:

Wednesday, January 11
Today, we:
  • Took a little quiz to determine some things about how we tend to work (see me if you were absent)
  • Got in groups of people similar to us and created some content, then presented that content to begin to get to know each other - we also received a sheet that describes the various social styles and how we can best work together:
  • Received an overview of Giving in the United States, and identified three pieces of information we deemed important (just star or underline it, more to come with this):

Tuesday, January 10
Today, we:

Monday, January 9, 2017
Today, we:
  • Received the syllabus (posted at the top of the page)
  • Watched the Give Next Video (link above)
  • Worked a little on mapping our values
  • Completed this form three times, with three different philanthropic purposes that personally inspire us